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Gina Linetti has been shown to have a crush on Terry and frequently tries to sleep with him, something Terry can't agree to due to his loyalty to his wife.


Terry Jeffords brags about being laid back and being "vacation Terry" in which Gina Linetti replies "how tethered is vacation Terry to his wife?"

Captain Holt gives all detectives in the Nine-Nine a puzzle for where the secret meeting will be held, Jake arrives in the supply closet after Gina and Terry. Gina says that her presence is not puzzle related and she simply "Followed Terry into a dark closet". She may have wanted to have sex with him, although it's never clearly stated.

Terry says that he believes Gina may be the leak in the Nine-Nine as a reporter publishes the crime numbers which weren't going public until next week. Terry suspects Gina as she doesn't take her job seriously, a statement backed up in a season 5 episode, Show Me Going, where Rosa states Gina thinks her job is "Optional". Gina says "Woah! We're about to have our first fight as a couple, Terrence!"