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George Gessilnick, better known as George Judy, is a murderer and Doug Judy's foster brother.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Four[]

In The Fugitive Pt. 1, he manages to escape from a van along with 8 other convicts. He is the tie-breaker criminal between Jake and Amy (whoever catches the most convicts has to move in with the other). However, Jake and Amy realise that they have not caught George, instead catching somebody that George swapped clothes and escaped. Jake finds out that George was the foster brother of Doug Judy and goes to find him so he can help.

In The Fugitive Pt. 2, Jake goes to Doug Judy for help to capture him again. Doug Judy agrees and the two attend an art gallery with Holt. Doug Judy is sure that George will steal an expensive bejeweled egg. Doug believes that he has spotted George's girlfriend and Jake follows her to the bathroom only to realize that she had nothing to do with George. Holt says that Doug Judy lied and planned to help George steal the egg. However, it is then revealed that George didn't intend to steal the egg, instead stealing all the cars from the valet. They later find George changing the number plates of one of the cars that he stole but before he can be arrested, Doug Judy drives up and the brothers escape. Holt and Jake track down where the brothers are but are caught by George and Doug. George nearly shoots Jake before realizing that Doug didn't load his gun and he is then knocked out by Doug Judy.