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Geoffrey Hoytsman is a former public defender and boss of Sophia Perez.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Two[]

In The Defense Rests, it's revealed he stopped giving Sophia cases because she is dating a cop. Trying to get on his good side, Jake manages to bond with him over betting on simple things. He excuses himself to go to the bathroom where later Jake catches him doing cocaine. He is then arrested by Jake for drug use. He gets out with just 40 hours of Community Service.

In Sabotage, it turns out that he had been the one behind all the "bad luck" Jake has been facing. He manages to capture Jake and ties him up inside his ice cream truck. Hoytsman makes Jake deliver a fake confession on camera under gunpoint, thereby framing Peralta for everything Hoytsman did.

In the middle of talking to Jake, he hears a voice from outside the truck. Thinking it's a sale, he opens the window only to be pulled out by Rosa.


  • According to Jake's research, Hoytsman's interests include skiing, his terrier, Atlantic City, the film 12 Years a Slave, and nature.
  • The ice cream truck he's using was lent to him by his previous client because he likes him for getting him off of a "strangle-and-mangle".
  • Chris Parnell, the actor who plays Geoffrey, also appeared on SNL where he and Samberg did the rap sketch "Lazy Sunday" in 2006.
  • He only considers 2 out of his 3 children beautiful.
  • He is addicted to a variety of drugs including cocaine, crystal meth, and angel dust.
  • When Hoytsman forced Jake to read a confession, more of his past wrongdoings were revealed.
    • He fathered two children with his cleaning lady.
    • He spoke against his cleaning lady at her political asylum hearing.
    • He rubbed his scrotum on every door knob in a synagogue.
    • He "flooded" his computer with Thai pornography.