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"Game of Boyles" is the 7th episode of Season Eight of the NBC television show Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Episode Synopsis[]

Terry, Jake and Charles visit the Boyle Family Farm, which takes a Knives Out turn. Amy and Rosa help out Capt. Holt.[1]


The episode starts off in the Boyle Family farm. All the cousins were celebrating Pappy Boyle’s birthday when he suddenly died in Becca Boyle’s arms.

We then see Jake, Terry, and Charles packing the coffin for the funeral. Boyle is upset, but refuses to admit it. But Charles interrogated a perp and made him say pappy stuff and Boyle cries. Sam greets them and tells Charles the body is in the shed and that the will is missing. That means Lyndon Boyle, the black sheep of the family, inherits everything. Jake inspects the body and finds traces of poison on Pappy’s mouth and turns it into a Knives Out investigation.

Jake interrogates Lyndon, who says he had a great time at the party; however, Tommy Boyle said he was miserable and had a fight with Pappy. Jake then guesses that Pappy was cutting him out of his will. Lyndon later explains that Pappy was scolding him for missing a zoom and called him “ a disgrace”. Lyndon than tried to open the grandmother dough, which was stuck in a jar that only the "One True Boyle" could open. Jake then finds a hair in the poison in the barn and suggest they test Lyndon's to it, but Sam suggests that all the Boyle’s have a hair sample for the DNA test to be fair.

When the results came back, the hair was reveled to belong to a rat. However, the test also revealed that Charles Boyle was not actually related to any other Boyles.

Jake calls Lynn Boyle, Charles’s dad, and asks him. Six hours later (the first 5 were crying and gasping for air) Lynn reveals Charles’s mother may have had an affair with a rival florist and he was their son, but Lynn never checked because he loved him either way. Jake and Terry don’t tell Charles the results to protect him.

Jake and Terry then find out how pappy died. One of the rats ate the poison and Pappy drank their milk and died that way, but Sam mentions the DNA results making Charles curious. He then checks the result on Jake's phone and finds out the truth. Charles is so depressed that he gave the speech to Sam. Jake then had solved a bonus case. There was no murder, but a robbery. Sam, jealous that Charles was the one chosen to sermon the funeral, stole the will and orchestrated events to reveal that Charles wasn't actually a Boyle. He suspected that Charles wasn’t a Boyle ever since Charles went through through puberty at the age of 13, when Boyle’s went through it at 25. 3 However, this reveal does not lighten Charles spirits as he still is not an actual Boyle. Trying to help his friend, Jake convinces him to try opening the grandmother dough to prove that he is a real Boyle. Despite Terry not being able to loosen the jar at all, Charles still manages to open it himself, proving himself to be the "One True Boyle".

Meanwhile, at the precinct, Amy and Rosa help Holt with online dating. Amy and Rosa are secretly trying to get Holt back with Kevin. They set him up with Todd, a chiropractor who calls himself a doctor. He wears loafers and Holt says any shoes with no laces are flip flops. But Holt seeing through their plan, only pretended to like Todd and came to realize that he had been so focused on winning that he hadn't noticed that he had been isolating himself, which was the same issue affecting their couple's counseling Kevin then runs to the precinct, having seen Raymond's profile, and him and Holt share a kiss and make up.


Actor Character
Andy Samberg ... Jake Peralta
Stephanie Beatriz ... Rosa Diaz
Terry Crews ... Terry Jeffords
Melissa Fumero ... Amy Santiago
Joe Lo Truglio ... Charles Boyle
Andre Braugher ... Captain Ray Holt
Dirk Blocker ... Michael Hitchcock (Credit Only)
Joel McKinnon Miller ... Norm Scully