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Gabe is a mutual acquaintance of Amy Santiago and her friend Kylie. At the beginning of M.E. Time, Gabe and Amy are out on a date at da Giacoma Ristorante. It is possible that Kylie set them up on a date.


In M.E. Time, Gabe and Amy are on a date at a fancy restaurant. Their conversation reveals that they had been planning on going on a date for some time, but Amy's busy schedule had prevented it previously.

While Gabe and Amy are chatting, Amy gets a call from Jake and he gives her the description of The Nightingale Strangler. According to what Jake is saying, the strangler's physical appearance is very similar to Gabe's. Amy soon learns that Jake is in the same restaurant, also on a date, and was just playing a prank on her.

Gabe is unaware of the details of their conversation and when Jake introduces himself as Amy's boss, he remarks that her boss seems nice.

Physical Appearance[]

Gabe is a white male, 5'10", medium build, with brown hair and a small scar on his right cheek.