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Frederick is an ex-boyfriend of Raymond Holt that broke up with him after an argument about an antique decoy duck.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Three[]

In Ava, Ray Holt is annoyed that Jake Peralta didn't want to include him in Sharon Jeffords's birth and at first refuses to go to Frederick. However, Jake convinces him to be the bigger man and speak to Frederick for Sharon. Holt warns that Frederick might not be happy to see him as they broke up under bad circumstances.

At first, when Jake and Holt arrive to his house, Holt wishes him a happy Thanksgiving, only for Frederick to close the door on him. The duo arrives a second time to his house, where Frederick sees them and is instantly angry with Holt mentioning that the reason they broke up was that Frederick's wooden duck was misplaced. Frederick gets angry and says that Raymond threw the duck in the trash. Holt intervenes by talking about Frederick's relationship with Dave, a coworker, although Frederick says that they were just friends. He then tells Holt that he will help Sharon if Holt admits that he threw the duck in the trash, but Holt declines and bids him farewell.

Afterward, Jake tells Holt to apologize for the duck even if he did not do it to help Sharon, which he does and Frederick agrees to help. After seeing Sharon, he says the precinct is a bad environment for her and advises that she goes to the hospital. Later, Holt pulls Jake aside and tells him that he did not throw Frederick's duck into the trash. He told Jake that he actually threw the duck off a bridge as he hated it because of its "weak beak."


Frederick is shown to be quite petty and he holds onto grudges, such as Holt throwing his duck away, which led to their breakup.


  • He likes to collect wooden ducks for his antique duck collection.


Raymond Holt[]

Frederick is Holt's ex-boyfriend, having split from him following the disappearance of a beloved wooden decoy in the shape of a duck which he believed was thrown in the garbage by Holt. Holt, in spite of acknowledging his distaste for the ornament, claimed that they broke up due to Frederick's suspicious closeness to Dave, a fellow gynecologist. It's likely due to these stubbornly held beliefs on both ends that the relationship dissolved, and each held a strong grudge against the other for these reasons.

At the end of Ava, it is revealed that Holt actually tipped the duck decoy off a bridge.