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Now I know every single thing about you as a person.

―Dillman's catchphrase

Frank Dillman is a former NYPD Detective who was fired for investigating corruption in the department. He later worked in the San Fransisco Police Department and was fired again, later becoming an employee of the Yarn Barn before being fired during the episode.

He was a colleague of Captain Holt, who considered him the best detective he knew.

Throughout the series[]

Season Six[]

He is first mentioned in the episode, The Crime Scene, when Captain Holt attends the murder that Jake and Rosa are working toward solving. Jake excitedly asks Holt if he's come down there to take a look at the two best detectives that he's ever worked with in action; however, to Jake's disappointment, Holt responds that the two best detectives he's ever worked with are Montez and Dillman.

Season Seven[]

He appears in the titular episode, Dillman.

After a glitter bomb blows up on Jake's desk, compromising a piece of evidence, Raymond Holt calls Dillman to investigate the matter. He and Holt clearly have a close relationship, as Dillman tells Holt that he looks bloated without hesitation, and Holt calls him the best detective he's ever known.

Later in the episode, upon realizing his employment situation, Holt promises to inform him of any employment opportunities so that he can return to working for the NYPD. Holt also admits that he lost respect for him after learning that he fudged evidence to get onto the task force.

He leaves after Charles solves the case, determining that Howard Booth planted the bomb.