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Estelle is an elderly neighbor of ‘Greg’ (real name: Raymond Holt) and ‘Larry’ (real name: Jake Peralta) while the two are in the Witness Protection Program in Florida. She is the leader of the local power-walking group that ‘Greg’ joins.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Four[]

In Coral Palms Pt. 1, Estelle is seen walking with 'Greg' and the rest of their power-walking group.

Later in the episode, she is walking with 'Greg' only and talks to him about her son.


According to series co-creator Dan Goor[1]:

  • She has a bit of a crush on ‘Greg’ but unfortunately, can’t act on it because ‘Greg’ is still grieving the loss of his wife and her female-ness...
  • She is sort of the den mother of the walking group and has concerns about her family.