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I'll be coming back for you. I'm just like disco, baby. I will never die.

―The Disco Strangler

Ernest Zumowski, also known as the Disco Strangler, was a murderer who used yo-yo strings to kill his victims.

Throughout the Series[]

Season One[]

In the Pilot, after being hunted for years, he was caught while in the middle of strangling a young woman in 1981. He was arrested by Raymond Holt.

Season Six[]

In He Said, She Said, the Department of Corrections reported that he had died. It was said to be during a prison transport where he got into a terrible accident and the vehicle burst into flames with him in it. But Holt had his immediate suspicions and guesses that Ernest Zumowski had to have faked his death so to make his attempt to escape from prison. The remains from the fiery accident seem to match the Disco Strangler's DNA, and the interview with the driver of the prison transport depicted a consistent account of the incident. When the investigation was about to be closed, however, a helicopter captured an aerial shot of the Disco Strangler's escape on foot. Zumowski was tracked down and found on a street in New York City, senile and having lost almost all his hearing.


  • His name is a reference to The Disco Strangler, a song by the Eagles, an American rock band.
  • It was stated that Zumowski didn't have any teeth left, due to his old age, at the coroner's office, matching the missing teeth on the corpse. However, later in the episode when Zumowski is caught, he has a full set of teeth. (Dentals)