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Earl Scully is the identical twin brother of Detective Norm Scully. His first and last appearence was in Cinco de Mayo.


Earl is Norm’s twin brother and they had once been inseparable. At some point, he slept with Norm’s wife, which estranged their relationship to the point that Norm threatened him if he ever returned to the state.

Charles Boyle linked Earl to Jake Peralta through social media, which would influence Jake’s usage of him in one of his yearly heists.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Six[]

In Cinco de Mayo, Jake introduced him to Terry, who didn't know that Scully had an identical twin brother. Jake then explained his plans to use Earl as a ploy against Amy and Raymond so that they would assume he had already freed Norm from containment. Dressed identically as his brother, the ploy initially worked and Earl had to endure Amy and Holt’s attempts to remove his bracelet, which was stuck to his wrist.

However, when Jake revealed to Norm about Earl’s involvement, Norm went to find him in rage, declaring him to be a “dead man.” The twins confronted one another about their strained history in front of the team and began to fight. This ended up being the perfect distraction for Boyle to steal the bracelet off of Jake, as he had not known that the brothers did not get along.

At the end of the day, the brothers made up with one another because Michael Hitchcock convinced them that they shouldn't fight over their differences, which still proved to be identical behavioral traits.


Norm Scully[]

According to Norm, he and Earl were once inseparable, but their relationship turned sour after Earl slept with his wife. Earl claims that it 'wasn't his fault that she wanted to sleep with a stud, not a dud.' Their relationship had healed by the end of Cinco de Mayo, thanks to an intervention from Hitchcock.


  • Unlike his brother, Earl wears glasses.