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Dvora is Nick Lingeman's assistant. She is later found to have framed Genevieve because she is in love with Nick.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Three[]

In Boyle’s Hunch, Dvora welcomes Jake and Charles to the exhibition. She tells them that Nick likes to coat women in latex, hence showed her latex outfit. It is presumed that she overhears Jake and Charles' conversation with Nick as before they go she speaks to them. She tells them that Nick couldn't have committed the crime as he was living in a cage for a month. She also says that Nick is still in love with Genevieve and would never frame her. She tells them that Nick keeps boxes of Genevieve's stuff which Charles asks if he can take. Dvora says they can as she wants them gone. Later, Jake finds out that Dvora framed Genevieve and she accessed the gallery using Genevieve's fingerprints from a latex hand cast made by Nick.


Dvora is shown to be calm and quite pretentious as she snobbily tells Jake and Charles about the theme of Nick's exhibition. She later shows a different side where she is shown to care for Nick as she convinces them that he is innocent.


Nick Lingeman[]

Dvora is Nick's assistant and they are shown to get on well as Dvora stands up for Nick when he is falsely accused. She also framed his ex-girlfriend Genevieve out of jealousy and doesn't want to see Nick blamed.


  • Charles and Jake are confused by her latex outfit, they end up assuming that if she farts then it will blow up like a balloon.