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Dustin Whitman is a recently released convict that Jake suspected has committed another crime. Jake arrested him without proper evidence, which forces the detectives of the Nine-Nine to work over the weekend, until they could prove he was guilty.

Throughout the Series

Season One

In 48 Hours, Jake is investigating a jewelry store break in and notices that it was perpetrated by someone with a similar M.O. to Dustin Whitman, who was previously arrested by Jake. Whitman was released from prison in Rikers not long before the current robbery, and therefore became the main suspect. When Jake encountered Dustin Whitman on the street, he arrested him for the crime without having sufficient evidence to support that he actually committed it. Jake and the rest of the Precinct were forced to spend the next 48 hours proving that Dustin Whitman was involved; or, according to the law, they could no longer detain him and he could sue. As the deadline draws closer, Jake was finally able to figure out that a former cellmate of Whitman's was seen near the crime scene at the time of the robbery. Thus, making it likely that Dustin taught this cellmate his M.O. so that he could commit the crime, while Dustin had an alibi.


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