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Donna Boyle is a cousin of Charles Boyle.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Five[]

In Return to Skyfyre, Charles talks about her during a Forensic Sciences course, thaught by Dr. Ronald Yee. Due to Charles' tendency to overshare personal anecdotes while learning, he brings up Donna when Yee mentions genetic disorders. According to him, Donna has a genetic disorder in which her lips are made of cartilage , meaning her mouth is technically a beak.


  • Dr. Yee tries to interrupt Charles' anecdote about Donna, saying it wasn't pertinent, but Holt insists that he continues, trying to make up for what him and Amy put Charles through along the episodes.
  • She runs marathons to raise money for other people afflicted with "bird-face".
    • There are olnly two other people afflicted with the disease: her children


Season Five, Episode 8, 19:04.