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Dmitri Kuzkho is a former acrobat who committed a string of B&Es. Terry Jeffords took on the crimes as his first case as a detective in 1995 at the 65th Precinct.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Three[]

In Terry Kitties, he is initially tracked down by Terry and has his apartment stormed. Upon the 65th Precinct's squad is led to his apartment, Terry is embarrased when it is discovered that he is now confined to a wheelchair as a result of a supposed trapeze accident. In the moment after seeing him in the wheelchair, Terry jumps to the conclusion that his cat is the burglar which leads to twenty years of ridicule from the rest of the 65th Precinct.

When Jake and Terry reopen the case, Jake notices that Kuzkho is wearing sneakers from '95 Air Jordan XI that have muddy soles, meaning that he could still walk because the photo was taken in 1996 but his supposed accident in 1994 and took place before he bought the shoes. He is caught by Terry after accidentally answering the door while out of his wheelchair.