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Diane Judy is the mother of Doug Judy and Trudy Judy.

Throughout the Series[]

Season One[]

In Pontiac Bandit, Jake and Rosa travel with Doug Judy to Diane's house to pick up his old phone so he can text the Pontiac bandit. Doug introduces Jake as his assistant, "Mangy Carl" and Rosa as his girlfriend. Whilst Jake and Doug search for the phone, Diane chats with Rosa and braids her hair.

Season Four[]

In The Fugitive Part 2, Doug Judy says that his foster brother once burned his mother's house down.

Season Five[]

In The Negotiation, Doug Judy is found trying to steal a bag of diamonds. He says that Martin Halloway, New York's most wanted drug dealer, threatens to kill Diane if Doug doesn't go through with the diamond heist. 

Season Six[]

In A Tale of Two Bandits, Terry calls Diane in order to find Doug Judy for a case. She breaks the news to him that Doug is dead.


Diane is a friendly lovable character.