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Deputy Commissioner Padolski is a corrupt Deputy Commissioner of the NYPD.

Throughout the Series[]

In The Tagger, Padolski uses his superior status in the NYPD in corrupt ways, in that he bailed his son, Trevor Podolski, out of custody over a dozen times, every time his son committed a crime. Holt speculates that Podolski does not care so much about his son, that letting him get away with everything is thus preventing him from properly learning responsibility. When Jake Peralta and Holt arrest his son on vandalism and destruction of property charges, Podolski bails his son out, using his power to threaten Peralta, who he could have had fired.

When Jake comes to the decision to arrest Trevor for a second time, Podolski tries to intimidate Jake into releasing him, but Holt defends Jake. Podolski claims that Holt just made "a really powerful enemy" of him, in another attempt to intimidate him. However, Holt just calmly responds that Podolski isn't the first superior to try and bully him, due to being on the receiving end of such things for his ethnicity and homosexuality, and even subtly mocks Podolski for not doing his own job properly, which Holt claims that himself doing so is the reason he is still in office.


  • James M. Connor is the second actor to be in both New Girl (as Gary) and Brooklyn Nine-Nine which, following The Night Shift, means that there are four sets of people who look identical. The others are Mary Elizabeth Ellis, as Dr. Rossi, Damon Wayans, Jr., as Stevie Schillens, and Nasim Pedrad, as Kate Peralta.
  • Deputy Commissioner Podolski is the first of 4 corrupt cops in the series, the other 3 were Lieutenant Melanie Hawkins (And the rest of the Golden Gang Bank Robbers), Commissioner John Kelly, and Detective Stevie Schillens.
  • His badge says "Padolski" instead of Podolski.