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Dennis Kole is an ESU (Emergency Service Unit) negotiator. His only hostage-situation in 10 years was taken away by Jake Peralta in The Negotiation.

Season Five[]

In The Negotiation, he disgruntedly gives Jake the position of negotiator, since the hostake-taker, Doug Judy, asked for him personally. Jake tries to convince Kole to agree to Doug's demands to take away New York's most wanted drug dealer, Martin Halloway. Kole however considers negotiation to be nothing but two parties lying to each other until one gets close enough to the window to get shot by a sniper, so he doesn't believe a word that comes out of Doug's mouth.

After Judy fakes taking Jake hostage, he briefly regains his position as negotiator, before seconds later Judy demands only to speak to Rosa Diaz, taking it away again. When the hostages are released, one of them tells Kole that Jake and Judy seemed like friends, which causes him to catch up with Jake, having GPS tracked his phone. He comes in right as Judy was dealing with Halloway, scaring him off. Jake convinces Kole to pursue him with the promise of giving him the full credit. Together they quickly apprehend Halloway and Kole looks forward to his promotion, which, according to him, is what police work is all about.

He considers talking people out of committing suicide "saving crazy people" and unsatisfactory. Out of the 50 people he talked to, only one didn't die, though he also jumped and landed on a woman, killing her in the process.


  • He has the habit of saying "Let me tell you some advice" when stating facts.