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Officer Deetmore is an NYPD uniformed officer who helped Rosa Diaz on a case. She later humiliated him in front of his colleagues.

Throughout The Series[]

Season One[]

In Fancy Brudgom, he helped Rosa Diaz bag evidence for her case, but he mislabeled the weapon and almost messed up months of work, so Diaz came to his briefing and humiliated him in front of his colleagues by saying that he bagged evidence like a 5 year old, and giving him a kids police kit.

He ended up filing an official complaint against her, but said that if she apologized to him, he would let it go. Diaz ended up trying to apologize to him, but she did a bad job by only saying the words "I'm sorry" and not saying why, so he didn't undo the complaint.

Diaz ended up actually apologizing for humiliating him,as well as some other things he didn't know about, including making fun of him at her book club meeting. He accepted it and she even offered to help him learn to bag evidence right.