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Debbie Stovelman is the Founder of NutriBoom.

Debbie Stovelman is the leader of Nutriboom, a "conical-tiered, multi-flow-through medical marketing entity", otherwise known as a pyramid scheme.

Throughout the Series[]

In NutriBoom, Debbie is assumed to be dead, as the company tried to convince people that she is "Healthy and alive". However, it was later revealed that she is still alive and well. Her plan is to appear to be dead so that the authorities are unable to investigate her.


Charles: So you're still working for NutriBoom
Debbie: Working for? I am NutriBoom.

Debbie: You can try your luck with the feds, or you can get your money back and go on that expensive honeymoon.
Jake: How do you know about my honeymoon?
Debbie: I know everything.