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Deborah Lynn "Debbie" Fogle was an NYPD officer who was partnered with Raymond Holt, before being sent to prison for stealing drugs.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season SevenEdit

In Manhunter, when Jake Peralta, Charles Boyle, and Terry Jeffords arrive at the Garfield Plaza, Jake asks for the security footage and commands the forensic team to sweep the area, until he realizes that the area hasn't been secured yet from civilians. After asking who's in charge, a uniformed officer, Debbie Fogle, approaches them, explaining that her partner is the one who is in charge of crowd control and to excuse him for his incompetence, as he is new to the job. Jake then asks Fogle her partner's name, so he can take him off the case. It is then revealed that her partner is Raymond Holt. Jake then asks her and Holt to secure the street.

While Debbie and Holt secure the western area, she gives him a tip to keep his hat on while standing so the pigeons will not poop on or peck them. After Holt thanks her for the tip, Debbie explains that she still has a lot of tips, which are mostly about the danger of standing. Holt then asks if there's any way to speed the process up. Debbie laughs, saying that she has a funny guy for a partner. She then suggests Holt monitor his foot health, by sending him a pedometer app that she also uses. However, Holt refuses the offer, as he has been keeping count of his steps in his head, "like a normal person."

After Holt and Debbie are held at gunpoint by the shooter, she reveals the reason she joined the force was to track down the man who murdered her sister; adding "Remember? That's my whole story." Before they're rescued by the Nine-Nine, Debbie asks Holt to take care of her cat.

Back at the Nine-Nine precinct Debbie is elated to have cone duty, saying "it's the best birthday yet!"

In The Jimmy Jab Games II, Charles approaches Debbie, asking her to take his spot as one of the contestants, which Debbie gently refuses. Charles then tells her about his old self, and then encourages Debbie that she also can become like him. Debbie then agrees to take his spot. In the first challenge, which is a meat throwing contest, Debbie almost gives up before Charles encourages her again, before giving her a piece of meat. When Debbie ask if the meat she is holding is turkey, which Scully confirms it is, she reveals that she is actually very allergic to turkey meat. A moment later, the squad helps Debbie by laying her down in one of the desks, and shoot her with an epipen.

Later, while changing his costume for the next competition, Charles accidentally wakes Debbie up. As she apologizes for messing up, Charles tells her about his embrassing accident in the first Jimmy Jabs games. Debbie then tells him that she wants to sing, which Charles agrees to make her the closing number of the competition.

After Jake win the game, the squad gathers in the briefing room. Charles then calls Debbie to sing as the closing number. After the performance, Charles approaches and praises Debbie for her performance. When Debbie asks him if they liked it, Charles tells her that it doesnt matter what other people think. He then encourages Debbie one more time, telling her that she can do anything when she puts her mind to it. Later, Debbie seemingly breaks into the evidence room, steals 20 bricks of cocaine and two machine guns, and exits the precinct.

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