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For the police officer character appearing in Season Seven, see Debbie Fogle.
For the episode in Season Seven, see Debbie (Episode).

Debbie is the daughter of Laverne Holt and the younger sister of Raymond Holt. She appeared in The Cruise.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Three[]

In The Cruise, Holt announces that his sister, the drama queen of the family, is coming to stay. Gina and Terry believe that he is over exaggerating but upon meeting her they realize that she is very loud and annoying to Raymond. Gina and Terry agree to distract her for the short time she is there but Debbie reveals that she is going to be there for six weeks and she is going to be "all up in his life". Holt takes Gina's advice and counteracts her drama with all his "drama" about Kevin and astrology. Debbie doesn't realize what has happening and decides to leave as she doesn't want to be a burden to Holt. She also reveals that she only came as her husband, Gary left her. Later, Debbie is about to leave when Holt asks to see her. Holt has made a fort like they did when they were kids so they can talk it out. Holt says that he wants to be "all up in her life" and the two embrace.


Debbie is very dramatic and loud which contrasts to her brother's personality. She believes in astrology and believes in it's effect as shown by her leaving due to Holt's troubles and mercury being in retrograde. She tends to over-dramatize although this could also be a coping mechanism for sad situations such as her husband having an affair and leaving her. A stronger side is also shown as she doesn't want to burden Holt with her issues and doesn't want to disturb him too much. She is also caring as she cares deeply about her brother and trusts him enough to come to him for support.


Raymond Holt[]

Debbie and Holt

Debbie and Raymond Holt.

Debbie is Holt's younger sister. The two care about each other although Holt finds her quite overwhelming, calling her "Hurricane Debbie". Despite their conflicting personalities, the two care about each other as Debbie not wanting to be a burden to Holt. When they were children, Debbie mentions how fun Holt was (which he is offended by) and mentions that he used to build them forts and sing "silly made-up songs" for them. Holt later makes a fort for Debbie to talk about Debbie's problems with Gary which shows that Holt also cares for her despite not being as vocal about it.


  • Amy mentions that Holt is one of two children, confirming that she is Marcus' mother.[1]
  • She once ended an email with 'thx' instead of 'thanks'. This apparently made Holt quite irritated.