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Detective David "Dave" Majors is a member of the fictional 93rd Precinct in Brooklyn. He is thought, by Jake, to be the best detective in the NYPD. He appears in the episode Det. Dave Majors.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Two[]

In Det. Dave Majors, Jake and Amy are excited to be working with Dave Majors, a hotshot detective from the 93rd precinct. While on the case both Jake and Amy compete to be in Majors good favor. From the start it appears that Majors is taking more of a liking to Jake. He invites Jake to an exclusive bar for a drink, but it soon becomes apparent that he only wants to discuss Jake's thoughts about him asking Amy out on a date. Once Jake figures out the criminals' method of operation, Majors wastes no time in asking Amy to join him at the bar where he previously brought Jake. Jake sneaks into the bar in order to interrupt the date, but gets thrown out just as he sees Amy do her nervous "double tuck" while chatting with Majors. The next day, Majors arrives at the 99th precinct having come from an award ceremony in his honor for a previous case. He tells Jake that he struck out with Amy last night; she wasn't interested. Amy says she thought she and Majors were just grabbing a drink and didn't realize it was a date. She confesses she isn't interested in dating cops. Majors seems fascinated by this turn of events. He is not used to being turned down by women, and excited about what other new experiences he will face.


Majors typically has a stoned-face no nonsense appearance. He's good at solving cases and finds relaxation at an invite-only speak easy bar called The Keychain. He is said to do well with women, having dated the beautiful Channel 5 weather girl, and having never been turned down before, until his date with Amy. He is a very cool-demeanored and calm individual, and seems to easily relax in stressful situations.


  • He broke up with his girlfriend after she blamed Hurricane Sandy on gay marriage.