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Dario Moretti is a money launderer who Detective Amy Santiago arrested in the past. After getting out of jail, he vowed to get revenge against her. He found the chance upon learning about Amy's wedding to Jake Peralta.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Five[]

In Jake & Amy, Jake had received a bomb threat from an anonymous caller, causing his and Amy's wedding ceremony to be put on hold the day of. They were able to trace the call to the Brooklyn neighborhood of Fort Greene. Upon visiting Moretti and entering his apartment, they discovered a shrine of photos of Amy with her eyes scratched out. He admitted that he was the one who made the bomb threat, because he has hated Det. Santiago since she arrested him and saw that engagement announcement in the paper (that Charles Boyle had put in). Despite Moretti getting caught, the bomb threat turned out to be real with his aim being able to kill Amy.