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Dan "Daniel" Valdano is a weapon smugglers in the underworld of gambling. After Jake and Terry got a lead about his presence, they request an undercover mission.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Five[]

In Bad Beat, Jake, Terry, and Holt go undercover on a mission to catch a notorious weapon smuggler; Dan Daniel Valdano. Jake disguises himself as an online gambler named Billy "Big Time" Jankowski, while Holt and Terry watching them from surveillance van. Through a bug, Holt acts as Jake's guidance to win the game and pull out some info.

On their first attempt to win the game, despite Terry's warning, Jake continues to follow all the orders from Holt. However, he loses due to Holt's wrong prediction. While they regroup at the bathroom, Holt gives his money to Jake which worries Terry.

On their second attempt, Jake manages to win the game while slowly climbing to the higher table, thanks to Holt's direction. After draining all the other players, they succeed in gathering info from the dealer. Later, it turns out that Holt has gone back to being a gambling addict. After Jake and Terry threaten to call his husband, Holt swears that he will never go near a gambling table again and pulls himself out of the operation.

On Friday night, Jake finally meets Dan Daniel Valdano. Before the game starts, he suddenly hears Holt talking at another table, causing them to regroup. Holt accidentally blows his cover in a bathroom, resulting on him being held by a criminal and taken to a limo, where Daniel Valdano soon joins them. When Jake calls him, Valdano forces him to lie by telling them that he's on his way to Atlantic city, where he will spend a weekend gambling. Valdano planned on killing Holt in the Atlantic city, where 99 will discover his body later. While on their way, Jake and Terry ambush the limo using the van, causing enough distraction for Holt to grab the gun and point it at Valdano and the criminal. Jake then open the door and greets both of them, before arresting Valdano.