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You found yourself in your struggle. The truth is what you came for, and you found it within your strife.

―D.C. Parlov in "Skyfire Cycle"

D.C. Parlov is the author of The Skyfire Cycle books. The 95th Precinct was dealing with his death threats case but it was given to Jake so that Terry could meet his hero.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Four[]

In Skyfire Cycle, he is on TV since he had been receiving death threats and the 99th Precinct is on that case. Upon knowing he is Terry's hero, Jake manages to be given the case. He thinks that one of his male fans could be the one sending his threats because he revealed that one of his dragon characters is female.

When he was questioned about the writing on the threat's matching the writing on the inscription, he says that he has an assistant go through his fan mail for him.

Season Five[]

In Return to Skyfire, he returns to the nine-nine to enlist Jake and Terry in finding the culprit who stole the latest manuscript for his upcoming book. Facing fierce competition from other writers in the same genre, he suspects that his arch nemesis, Landon Lawson, stole it to leak online.

Meanwhile, Terry, still a huge fan of Parlov, reveals to Jake that he has begun writing his own fantasy novel. Jake encourages Terry to share his work with his idol. However, they later uncover that Parlov and Lawson conspired to steal their own books, using their rivalry as a ploy to disguise their scheme. Terry discovered the plot and arrested them for their crime.


  • Both D.C. Parlov and The Skyfire Cycle are most likely references to Robert Jordan's "The Wheel of Time" book series.
  • Jake read all of his books while imprisoned, considering them the "greatest books ever written".
  • He invested in Bitcoins.
  • He possibly fathered a son, Ethan Moorgil, with his former lover, Jessica Moorgil.