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Craig Phillip Robinson is an American actor, comedian, and singer. He mostly known for his several works at TV series, such as The Office, Mr. Robot, and The Cleveland Show. He portrays Doug Judy in NBC series Brooklyn Nine-Nine.


Season One[]

Pontiac Bandit[]

Season Two[]

The Pontiac Bandit Returns[]

  • Craig Robinson returns as Doug Judy. Rosa, Jake, and Holt make a deal with Judy in order to take down Giggle Pig suppliers for Rosa's task force.

Season Three[]

The Cruise[]

  • Craig Robinson portrays Doug Judy again and is shown working in a piano lounge on a Carnival cruise ship. Judy anonymously offers Jake and Amy a free cruise because there is a hitman after him and he needs protection. . 

Season Four[]

The Fugitive Pt. 1/The Fugitive Pt. 2[]

  • Robinson returns to the show and it is revealed that his character Doug Judy is the brother of a murderer who escaped from a prison van. Judy aids the 99 in tracking down and arresting his brother.

Season Five[]

The Negotiation[]

  • Robinson's character is forced to rob a bank by a criminal.

Season Six[]

A Tale of Two Bandits[]

  • Robinson returns as Doug Judy and fakes his death. A criminal who uses the same technique for stealing cars is revealed to be his sister, Trudy Judy.

Season Seven[]

The Takeback[]

  • It's revealed Doug is getting married and asks Jake to be the Best Man for him.