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Corey Park, also known by his web handle Savant, is an Internet-hacker who is hired to be the I.T. Director at the 99th Precinct. He appears in Sal's Pizza and Payback.

Throughout the Series[]

Season One[]

In Sal's Pizza, Savant's mother turns him into the police after it was discovered that he had hacked into the computer system of the 99th precinct. He planted a virus that recorded the search history of the detectives and then emailed them all the results. Due to Savant revealing a weakness in their computer system, Holt tasks Terry and Gina with finding a new I.T. Director. After interviewing several candidates, they ultimately settle on Savant, at Gina's suggestion. Savant improves things around the precinct, upgrading Hitchcock's computer to sign into his email via thumbprint recognition. However, when he starts teasing Hitchcock about his intelligence, Terry puts him in his place by threatening to destroy him if he did anything to harm the precinct.

Season Two[]

In Payback, Savant is still working for the Nine-Nine. After Jake accidentally sends an email to the whole office revealing that Terry's wife is pregnant, Savant helps the detectives hack into Terry's email account. In the end, the hack is unnecessary as they correctly guess that his password is 'yogurt."


He is shown to be intelligent and quite laidback as he doesn't seem too worried that he is being arrested claiming he was bored. Corey prefers to be addressed as his web handle, Savant. His hacking is mostly motivated by boredom such as when he revealed everybody's search history.