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Colin Haimes, also known as the Freestyle Killer, is a murderer who killed an entire 4x100 meter relay swim team and was arrested by Raymond Holt in 1982.

Throughout the Series[]

Season One[]

In Christmas, Holt was getting death threats, and the transcripts revealed that they were from Colin Haimes; a murderer Holt arrested in 1982 who swore he would kill him when he got out of prison. They tracked his phone to the rail yards, and the squad went to search for him. When they got there, he cornered Holt and Jake, but before he could kill them, Terry tackled him to the ground. He also shot Charles in the buttocks, as he meant to shoot Rosa, but he jumped in front of the bullet.


  • He went to Rikers Island prison.
  • His pseudonym "the Freestyle Killer" comes from the fact that he is a freestyle swimmer.