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Cindy Shatz is Norm Scully's girlfriend. She shares many similar traits with him.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Four[]

In Cop-Con, Scully and her meet at the 28th annual Tri-State Police Officers' Convention, aka "Cop-Con." Scully is awkward in front of her, from the beginning and in the few interactions later too. Under Amy Santiago's and Gina Linetti's guidance, Scully approaches her with a confident attitude but that turned her off. Later, Amy and Gina goes up to Cindy and clears up what Scully is really like. Scully and Cindy start over and talk with each other. After this, they start dating.

In The Slaughterhouse, Scully picks to spend a Sunday night with Cindy over hanging out with Michael Hitchcock doing their usual routine; getting ribs and White Russians at Wing Slutz while watching Undercover Boss.

Season Six[]

In The Therapist, Scully mentions that Cindy says he is a selfish lover. However, it is later revealed that this was likely a ruse, as Scully pretended that a book How to Please Your Wife ordered by Terry really belonged to him, to avoid embarrassing him.


Norm Scully[]

They met in Rochester, New York during the 28th annual Tri-State Police Officers' Convention. She likes that Scully has a giraffe-heart that pushes on his organs and that he sleeps in a body bag.


  • She doesn't like confident people, as she thinks they are mean and selfish. She prefers drinking milk with ice ("a pint of milk on the rocks") over drinking an alcoholic drink and she uses the same medicated powder as Scully.