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Christina "Tina" Boyle is a cousin of Charles Boyle.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Four[]

In Chasing Amy, Great Nana Boyle passed away and left Gina Linetti with the Boyle family's "mother dough," a jar of a 140-year-old sourdough starter. Gina wonders to Charles about why she was left with this item. Charles infers that Great Nana Boyle probably got Gina confused with cousin "Tina."

Gina ends up accidentally burning the dough into a crisp with her space heater, though. To make matters worse, Charles gets an email from the council of cousins because Tina Boyle is contesting the will. When Sam and Tina Boyle show up at the Precinct, Gina outright admits that she "killed her" as in the mother sourdough. Tina is so devastated that he grabs Sam's jacket arm. Gina drives the confession deeper in and repeats that she "killed her dead." Tina is shocked.

After action was taken to banish Charles from the family and Charles is reminiscing about the time the cousins and him went to a farm, Tina interrupts to say that that was a good vacation. It turns out that Gina called Tina and Sam back, so she can show the Boyle boys the new mother sourdough she started. After Gina sticks up for her "brother," Charles mentions that she and him used to have sex. Tina and Sam both find that to be cool.


  • He was Great Nana Boyle's favorite grandson.