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Chris Reneaux was a witness in the Manhunter suspect, found by Raymond Holt. It later revealed that he actually is the shooter.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Seven[]

In Manhunter, Holt found a "Hot dog man" caterer, who saw the possible suspect. The witness then described the shooter as mid height, brown hair, and wearing a green hoodie with an picture of owl on it. The man also carrying a big bag and running from the shooter scene. Detective Jake Peralta then told Holt to call in the witness and giving a statement to the press. Homever, Holt taken over the interview, which caused Jake upset.

Later, when Holt ask if he need help, Jake feed him a fake information about the location of the shooter, so he can getting rid of him. While debating about the suspect, they saw the suspect running throughout an alley. Jake and Charles then chase him, with Boyle successfully catch him. Holt then praised him for caught the suspect, but then told him that he arresting a wrong man. He reveals that he and Debbie Fogle come back to interview the Hot Dog man, but realized that he already gone. He then suspect that he giving a fake statement, because he is actually the shooter they been looking for. Jake, who want to lifts the lockdown, was pushed by Holt to not do it. Jake then told Holt to go pick up cone, but he refused, causing him to kick him out from the case.

On their way to precint, Holt managed to convinces Debbie to help him tracking down the shooter. Meanwhile, Jake who didn't feel right about the case, call Detective Michael Hitchcock and Norm Scully to prove Holt theory, which turned out to be right. He tried to calls Holt, but it turns out that the Hot Dog Man currently pointed a gun at Holt and Debbie somewhere. He told Holt to turn off the radio, but Debbie interrupts him, said that her partner doesn't follow order, which Holt told her that she misread their situation.

Holt then stated that his theory is right, and the hoodie man is actually just a random man that the Hot Dog Man pinned on his crime. However, the Hot Dog man reveals that the Hoodie Man also is part of the crime, which letting down Holt a little bit, but still happy that half of his theory was right. Back in the manhunter scene, Jake reveals that Holt and Debbie probably in trouble.

The squad managed to track them and the shooter. While the shooter using Holt as shield, Amy charged toward him, followed by Rosa, which they managed to knock down the shooter. While Rosa arresting the shooter, Jake revealed that they managed to track them, thanks to Debbie pedometer app.