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"Chocolate Milk" is the 2nd episode of Season Two of the FOX television show Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It originally aired 5th October 2014 to 3.31 million viewers.

Episode Synopsis[]

Holt's old nemesis is in charge of the precinct inspection, Peralta and Jeffords investigate a stabbing before Jeffords goes in for his vasectomy, and Boyle needs a plus-one for his ex-wife's wedding.


Terry finishes a phone call with his doctor. Jake overhears it and rolls towards him to check he’s ok. Terry rolls the rest of the way over and whispers that he’s getting a vasectomy. Charles overhears the word vasectomy and approaches. Gina also overhears and questions what he‘s going to let a doctor do to him. Terry thanks everyone for their input but says he doesn’t want it and tells them to get back to work. They all fire sperm jokes at him.

Jake shares his new case with Sarge, a stabbing of an owner of a chocolate milk restaurant, he offers let the Sarge work it with him. He accepts but explains he needs to be back soon as it’s his vasectomy today and he’s getting a ride from his neighbour. Jake questions why he didn’t ask him, and offers to drive him after they’re done.

Holt has Charles, Rosa, Amy and Gina in his office. He tells them they are having an inspection and will be graded. He hands out jobs for everyone, he’s optimistic since the inspector is his old captain Deputy Chief Brandt.

In the Chocolate milk restaurant, Jake & Terry interview the owner of the chocolate milk restaurant. He believes the person who did it was his business partner Gregory Phillips. The victim gives them some milk to try, to which they both retch and find bitter. Terry informs Jake it’s nearly time for his appointment so they head out.

Back in the precinct, Charles enters the records room and looking disappointed as he tells Rosa that his sister can’t attend an engagement party with him. She tells him to go alone but it’s the party of his ex-wife. Charles asks Rosa to go with him but she says she can’t, he thinks about asking his neighbour.

Amy checks in with Holt and asks if the basket of pears she has bought will be too much for Deputy Chief Brandt. They then hear a female voice, Holt turns to find Captain Wuntch, his nemesis. She explains that she‘s now deputy chief and is there for the inspection, much to his dismay.

In New York Presbyterian, the doctor wheels Terry out towards Jake in the waiting room. He asks how it went but is surprised to hear that they didn’t go through with it because he needed more anaesthesia. Terry keeps cutting in with outrageous remarks due to being high on anaesthesia. Jake finds it hilarious and takes Sarge home.

In Terry house, Jake attempts to help Terry in but he stumbles about unstable on his feet. He then helps him to brush his teeth, put his pj’s on and read him a story. However, when getting him to bed Terry stops him and tells him to promise to not let him have a vasectomy as he wants more kids. He then proceeds to fall on top of Jake crushing him between himself and the bed.

Gina’s sat at her desk and notices Jake is wearing the same clothes as yesterday, he tells her about sleeping at Terry’s. Sarge suggests they make a move on interviewing the suspect as he has his make up vasectomy later. Jake’s confused since he knows Terry doesn’t want to have a vasectomy even though he‘s adamant he does. Gina confesses to Jake that she feels Terry is going to make a mistake, Jake reveals that Terry made him promise not to let him have the vasectomy.

Holt and Amy are giving Wuntch a presentation about his stats at the precinct since he has been captain. Wuntch believes he’s tying to hoodwink her and hide the precincts problems behind flashy graphs. She leaves them to do some spot-checks. Amy starts to panic she will get another F, after only failing recess in second grade. Holt believes they were doomed since Wuntch walked in. He reminisces about good times when he first met her, both of them reaching for the same stapler and laughing. He proceeds to tell Amy about when it all went south, 1989 when Holt was up for a promotion and Wuntch offered to write a letter of recommendation. However, the night before she turns up in a trench coat and sexy lingerie while Holt was going to tell her he’s gay. Amy looks shocked.

Gregory is adamant he didn’t stab his business partner. Jake reads out text messages between the two as evidence. Terry questions his whereabouts on Monday at 10pm, he gives them an alibi. Jake and Terry get ready to leave and suggest their next move. Jake agrees and adds having a heart-to-heart about Terry’s vasectomy into the to do list.

Charles is pacing in the men‘s bathroom when Gina comes in, having had previously sending her an invitation email. He asks her to go to the party, as friends, but Gina declines clarifying that because they have shameful sex doesn’t make them friends.

Sarge and Jake are patrolling and asking neighbours and people on the street if they saw the suspect around the time of the stabbing. They ask a lady with a baby in a carrier and Jake tries to prove a point to Terry.

Jake and Terry are asking a women in her apartment if she has seen him, she says she hasn’t. Sarge questions this as Jake’s lead since she had no information. He admits she was one of the best councillors in the area, Terry leaves. Jake goes after him and admits that he is trying to protect him. He apologises and reminds him that he made him promise not to let him go through with the vasectomy. Terry argues back that they aren’t ‘friend friends’ they are ‘work friends’.

Wuntch marches into Holt's office saying she has completed her spot checks and she’s underwhelmed. Amy and Gina closely follow and Amy shows Holt the recommendation letter she has found that Wuntch completed. She clarifies that the letter was positive not negative. Wuntch is confused that this is the reason he’s been mad at her all these years, she clarifies she doesn’t care that he’s gay. In fact that she respected about him. After a back and forth of incidents between the pair Wuntch marches out.

Charles approaches Rosa with new cornrows, he explains that Jamaica is the theme of the party. He hopes his new hair has changed her mind, she says it hasn’t.

Jake sits next to Gina at her desk looking disheveled. He explains to Gina that despite his best efforts at holding Terry back, he snuck out to the doctors. Gina tells a tale of wearing a work sweater out to dinner and realising it looked good out too. Jake draws from the analogy and is determined to prove his friendship to Terry. Gina is adamant that’s not what she meant, she just liked the sweater.

Wuntch and Holt have a frosty goodbye, neither one wanting to back down, Holt even saying that she can fail him if she has to. Amy steps up to reprimand Holt and get him to see that their fight is bigger than the two of them and what could happen should she fail the precinct.

Terry is about to go in to his surgery when Jake arrives protesting his friendship and support and offering him a ride home after. He also gives a quick update on the case, he realised Gregory was lying as he took the same subway he said he had and it was closed for construction. Terry gets wheeled out of the room, and immediately shouts that Jake was right and he doesn’t want the vasectomy. Jake chases after them demanding they put down tools and step away from his work friend.

Charles walks through the bullpen with his hair in cornrows and a Rasta-suit, Rosa reveals herself in a Rasta dress and agrees to go with him. She vows to big him up at the party, talking about his medal of valor, then tomorrow help him find a new apartment.

After canceling the vasectomy again, Jake brings Terry home, where he helped him ready for bed. Terry stops again and reveals he is conflicted about the vasectomy and apologizes for calling Jake a "work friend", as he is a "friend-friend". He hugs Jake tightly and falls backward onto the bed.

The next day in the precinct, Holt approaches Amy’s desk and reveals they have been given their grade... "2.7 mediocre". He admits that he had to compromise himself by telling Wuntch she is the superior police officer to get the grade and stick around. He admits that Amy was right and he didn’t want to let down the precinct and leave. He hands Amy her grade for the past few days and A. She thanks him and checks if an A is highest or if there were +’s.

Sarge checks in with Jake over the stabbing case, he tells him Gregory confessed. Sarge also updates Jake telling him that he spoke with Sharon and they agreed to wait on the vasectomy. He hands Jake a present, carrots as he cares about him. Terry then start force-feeding Jake carrots.


Actor Character
Andy Samberg ... Jake Peralta
Stephanie Beatriz ... Rosa Diaz
Terry Crews ... Terry Jeffords
Melissa Fumero ... Amy Santiago
Joe Lo Truglio ... Charles Boyle
Chelsea Peretti ... Gina Linetti
Andre Braugher ... Captain Ray Holt
Dirk Blocker ... Michael Hitchcock
Joel McKinnon Miller ... Norm Scully
Kyra Sedgwick ... Deputy Chief Madeline Wuntch
Moshe Kasher ... Duncan Traub
Jerry Lamber ... Dr. Martins
Brent Morin ... Gregory Phillips
Rebecca Berman ... Fran
Emily Spivey ... Dr. Gertrude Mindel


Cultural References[]

  • Scrotal Recall is a reference to the film "Total Recall."
  • Jake references "Friends" when Terry tells him that he doesn't think he's that kind of friend by saying, "I'm Phoebe, I'm Chandler, I'm Rachel, I'm... who's the dinosaur guy?"
  • The Little Mermaid is mentioned when Charles references that Sebastian is a "Jamaican God of Rhythm", after Rosa mentions it.
  • Terry references the film Idiocracy by calling Jake "Tiny Head".