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For the episode, see Cheddar (Episode).

Cheddar Holt-Cozner is the Pembroke Welsh Corgi owned by Raymond Holt and Kevin Cozner. He is well-trained, can do tricks, and apparently likes wedding cake.

Cheddar has a collar that is blue with accentuating diamonds that are orange and grey. He has one dog tag that simply says "Cheddar", and his favorite toy is an owl named Mr. Hootsworth.

Cheddar is taken on walks by both Holt and Kevin, the latter taking him specifically to a bench in a nearby park.

He walks in lockstep with Holt. He is one of the smartest characters in the show as he won the traditional Halloween special in season 5. Additionally, Cheddar seems to have some degree of power over the squad, as in Season 3, Episode 18 "Cheddar", Charles refers to him as the alpha dog.

Throughout the Series

Season One

In The Party, Amy, Jake, and Terry hide from Holt and Kevin in the upstairs master bathroom. Cheddar is presumably there to avoid interaction with guests, like Amy who has dog allergies.

Season Two

In The Mole, Cheddar has a brief cameo with Jake holding him and saying "dog bra" while Cheddar can be heard faintly growling.

In Stakeout, although not seen on-screen, Holt states Cheddar is in Holt and Kevin's breakfast nook when Marcus and Rosa comes downstairs in the morning.

Season Three

In Cheddar, Jake and Amy house-sit for Holt and accidentally leave the door open. Cheddar takes off and the squad searches for him, eventually finding him at his special walk spot.

Season Four

In Halloween IV, Holt has trained Cheddar to helping him on Halloween Heist by retrieving the plaque from Santiago's hiding spot.

Season Five

In HalloVeen, Holt has trained Cheddar to retrieve the Cummerbund from the "Tramps'" hiding spot. Cheddar is then intercepted by Amy, who replaces him with another corgi, who Holt calls "some common bitch".

In Gray Star Mutual, Terry and Gina are using him for a photo shoot to gain social media followers for Holt. Holt shuts this down and says that the only time Cheddar wears clothing is booties in the snow. At the end of the episode Holt reveals that he and Kevin have created an Instagram for Cheddar.

In Jake & Amy, Cheddar was going to be the ring bearer for Jake and Amy's wedding, but is found passed out from having eaten the wedding cake.

Season Six

In Cinco de Mayo, Cheddar's chew toy is used to hide Scully's heart monitor and he is used by Terry to assist him in heist by helping him steal the heart monitor later.

Season Seven

In Valloweaster, Holt called in Cheddar to pick up the Infinitude Gems. However, that was part of Rosa's plan and Cheddar swallowed the gems.

In Ransom, Cheddar is dognapped. Jake, Holt, and Kevin set out, and eventually do rescue him.

Season Eight

In Balancing, Cheddar's barking exposes Rosa and Holt deleting a lewd email Holt sent to Kevin. They make an excuse, but Kevin seems disappointed that Holt didn't want to see him for other reasons.

In Renewal, Rosa blames Cheddar for various distractions the 99 sets up to hide Holt sneaking away from his wedding renewal ceremony with Kevin. Cheddar then exposes Holt's plan to Kevin, making Rosa very mad.

He is seen at the Bark Hyatt Doggy Day care helping with the heist in The Last Day Pt 1. He was also helpful in luring the 99 crew to the warehouse they had their first case in by Holt in The Last Day Pt 2.


  • Cheddar has been played by several dogs throughout the series, as can be seen in the different fur markings. [1] [2] [3]
  • Cheddar was played by corgis Stewart and, due to Stewart’s death in July 2019, Stella, who would later pass away in October 2023, two months before Andre Braugher’s (Captain Holt) death.
  • Because of Stewart's love of food, the cake he "eats" in Season 5, Episode 22 is made primarily of shaving cream.
  • He walks in lockstep with Holt.
  • When not home, Holt and Kevin prefer to keep Cheddar downstairs (and away from their cashmere sweaters).[4]
  • As part of Rosa's scheme in the 6-month-long Halloween Heist ("Valloweaster"), Cheddar was featured on a page called "Chonky Pups" and put on a diet by Holt and Kevin.
  • He is very good at retrieving items, and this is his major role in the Halloween heists in which he participates.
  • He had a French tutor to help with his comprehension, which regressed when Holt and Kevin stopped speaking it at home during their separation.[5]

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