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Charles Boyle and Vivian Ludley are ex-fiancées. They met in The Party and both had a lot in common. However the two broke up after disagreements over Canada.


Season One[]

The Party

  • Charles and Vivian meet and bond over their love of food.
  • Vivian asks Charles if he's single, he reveals that he is.
  • The two end up making out in the closet.
    Charles Vivian kiss

    Charles and Vivian make out in the closet.

Full Boyle

  • Charles is very confident after his hook up, almost too confident.
  • Charles is worried that he will go "full Boyle" and will scare Vivian away so he asks for Jake's help to help him.
  • Charles and Vivian go on a double date with Jake and Vivian's friend, Bernice
  • Charles asks Vivian to meet his mother.
  • Vivian seems to be unnerved by Charles' "full Boyle" and goes to the bathroom.
  • Charles secretly buys Vivian and him tickets to Rome.
  • Charles plans to propose to Vivian but Jake stops him.
  • Jake sees that Vivian has left Charles a lot of texts, voice mails and missed calls.
  • Vivian worries that she scared Charles off by being too eager.
  • Charles proposes to Vivian and she accepts.

Tactical Village

  • Charles reveals that he didn't invite Rosa because Vivian thought it would be weird.
  • Vivian later reveals that Charles said Rosa was out of town and she doesn't know that Charles used to love Rosa.

Fancy Brudgom

  • Charles and Vivian plan their wedding and want to have strange things such as spicy cake to show that their marriage will sizzle.
  • Vivian and Charles are planning to move to Ottawa for Vivian's job.
  • Charles doesn't want to move to Canada but is afraid to talk to Vivian.
    Charles Vivian meet

    Charles and Vivian meet.

  • Jake helps Charles by telling Vivian that he doesn't think it's right for Charles.
  • Vivian gets offended by Jake and tells him that Charles is very excited.
  • Charles takes Vivian's side despite not wanting to move.
  • Charles talks to Vivian about not wanting to move but they don't break up.


  • Charles and Vivian are deciding whether or not to move to Canada but Charles can't find privacy to talk to Vivian.
  • Rosa and Gina show Charles' their secret bathroom so he can talk to Vivian in private.
Vivi and Charles

Charles and Vivian break up.

Charges and Specs

  • Charles and Vivian break up causing Charles to become depressed.


  • Vivian called Charles, "Chuck" and "Chucklebunny" when she broke up with him.


Boyle: And then, a skywriter's gonnna write Charles loves V. I couldn't afford her full name. (Full Boyle)

Boyle: I borrowed the waiter's phone when you weren't looking and bought me and Vivian plane tickets to Rome. (Full Boyle)