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Charles Boyle and Genevieve Mirren-Carter are a couple in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The two share many strange habits and get together after Charles frees Genevieve from prison. The two decided to have a child, and their adoption papers go through in The Bureau. In Coral Palms Pt. 1, we learn that their son is a 4-year-old Latvian boy named Nikolaj.

In Monster in the Closet, Charles tells Rosa that he wants to get married, but Genevieve does not due to a nasty divorce in the past, which makes Charles sad, but he loves her enough to stay with her.


Season Three[]

Boyle’s Hunch[]

  • Charles and Genevieve meet and instantly get along.
  • Charles says that Genevieve is the perfect woman.
  • Charles decides to prove that Genevieve is innocent.
  • Charles frees Genevieve from prison.

Halloween, Part III[]

  • Charles and Genevieve double date with Gina and Leo.

Hostage Situation[]

  • Charles and Genevieve share a scarf after Charles 'accidentally' forgets his.
  • Charles and Genevieve decide to have a baby.
Charles and Genevieve

Genevieve and Charles.

  • Charles and Jake look for sperm donors together.

House Mouses[]

  • Charles is wearing a wedding band when talking to Captain Holt about Weichselbraun (Charles is not married so it appears that Lo Truglio forgot to take it off before they started filming the scene).


  • Genevieve calls Charles to tell him their adoption papers have been accepted after his case with Jake.