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  • Amy trying to get Holt gifts.
  • Boyle's male cousins having female names.
  • Boyle thinking he's stronger and better looking than Terry.
  • Gina trying to sleep with Terry.
  • Jake's obsession with Taylor Swift.
    • Jake's “misunderstanding” at a Taylor Swift concert.
  • Jake hating Wario in Mario games.
  • Bingpot!
  • Holt making inaccurate basketball references.
  • Jake using a guitar and screaming to make perps talk.
  • Gina not knowing Amy's name.
  • Jake's daddy issues with Holt.
  • Jake’s consistent joke, “Title of your/our sex tape”.
  • Jake's "that's how it ends?!" to films.
  • The Jimmy Jab games.
  • Teddy trying to propose to Amy.
  • Teddy's obsession with Pilsners.
  • Mlep(clay)nos, Jerry Barfralatistan/Barkakanatsan.
  • Hitchcock keeps cutting himself.
  • The halloween heists.
  • Thanksgiving episodes or as Boyle calls it “Turkey day”.
  • Terry talking about himself in 3rd person.
  • Terry loves yoghurt.
  • Terry going ‘WHYYY?!!’.
  • Scully and his ailments.
  • It's not Nikolaj, it's Nikolaj.
  • Jake’s “cool, cool, cool” and “no doubt, no doubt, no doubt”
  • Jake's obsession with Die Hard and it's cast.
  • Amy wanting Jake to grow a mustache, even though he can't.
  • Boyle describing in detail what's happening during tough situations.
  • Jake buying stuff from the squad in the Halloween Heists.
  • Jake's Addams family raps.
  • Boyle being jealous of every friend of Peralta's
  • Kevin's love of plain scones
  • Holt messing up/butchering the name of actors and movie characters

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