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Carlene is a psychic and friend of Gina Linetti, who is the assistant manager at Leonard's Designer Shoes.

Throughout The Series[]

Season One[]

In The Tagger, Gina brought Carlene into the precinct during a search for drugs and offered her services to help the detectives solve a case. Carlene's is known for her psychic specialties, include reading palms and tarot cards. She also has a degree in numerology that she received on the Internet. She has a vision and predicts that the drugs they are looking for are in a place matching the description of the Jay Street Apartment. The colors blue and yellow are involved as well as the letters L, S, R, T, W, B, E. Amy and Rosa ignored the psychic's claims, but Charles was more eager to believe her since he thought her grandmother also had the 'gift'.

Carlene also makes a claim that a woman matching Rosa's description will not love Charles back.

Later on, she also predicts that if Charles gets up from his chair, he will eventually be injured.

See The Tagger for more information