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Captain McGintley was the commanding officer at The 99th Precinct prior to Raymond Holt. He retired from the force at the start of the series in 2013, passing his position to Captain Holt.

Throughout the Series[]

McGintley retired shortly before the Pilot, making room for Holt to become the new captain of the 99th Precinct. Through flashbacks we see how much of a casual attitude he had towards the precinct. When the Nine-Nine were doing "fire extinguisher roller chair derby", McGintley merely mumbled an "okay" and returned to his office being lazy.

In 99, it's later revealed that he has passed away. The squad attends his funeral in Los Angeles. At the funeral Jake and Amy look at photographs taken while McGintley was captain, with Jake reminiscing about her throat and looks at Amy, making it a very awkward interaction.


As captain, he had a lax attitude that was appreciated by Jake. While Jake liked Captain McGintley because it meant he could do what he want, Amy took an opposing view, stating that he was a terrible captain.

When Captain Holt got to the 99 Jake and Amy were talking about what kind of captain he would be.

As stated by Jake, "Sorry dude, this guy is going to be another washed up pencil pusher who is only worried about following every rule in the patrol guide... Meep, Morp, Zeep, robot captain engaged," Jake said in a robotic voice.

As stated by Jake, "McGintley wouldn't care if you were late because he was always an hour late... and hungover and he would literally let you do anything if you gave him a cheeseburger."