Brooklyn Nine-Nine Wiki is a free online fandom wiki about everything related and dedicated to NBC series Brooklyn Nine-Nine. All user are welcomed to contribute's here as many as you can to making sure this wiki be a better place. However, there are some rules that you must follow.

What's a Good Detective do

  1. It'll be much better if you signed up as registered user, instead of just being an anonymous.
  2. It wouldn't hurt you to just leave a Summary about your edit.
  3. There are some Stubs page that can use some of your help.
  4. Creating a characters or episodes pages that haven't exist yet would be helpful.
  5. If you have trouble with another user, it is best to talk through with him/her.

Being a Bad Detective

  1. Doing an Inappropriate edit, such as adding more spacing and rewriting a correct sentence.
  2. Write a false, fanon, or information that haven't been confirmed yet on pages.
  3. Creating a page that have nothing to do with the series or the wiki.
  4. Insulting, harassing, or threatening another user regarding their race, gender, sexuality, nationality or orientation.
  5. Spamming an edit or comment just to get yourself an extra badges.
  6. Removing templates or sections from the page, even thought the sections appear to be empty.
  7. Removing a content from the page without any reasons.
  8. Editing or deleting someone profile page without their concern.
  9. Excessive using of a Profanity word. We know that sometimes Jake or the other characters say it, but it didn't mean that you also can freely say it on this wiki.
  10. Inserting or providing a personal information in your profile or other pages. Remember that Jake and the other detectives can't help you if something bad happen.
  11. Provide any pornographic sites.
  12. Given spoiler to the other user without their approval.
  13. Doing an edit warring with another user.
  14. Do not read this Guidelines isn't an excuses for your bad behaviour.


At The 99th Precinct, Amy will appreciated any of your help regarding about completed a case file with a proper pictures and videos from a reliable source or intel.


  • Be sure that your organizing the pictures chronologically.
  • Naming them properly, so other people can easily track them.
    • Acceptable name:
      • "S06x01 Honeymoon 01.jpg"
      • "S02x07 Jake calming down the criminals.jpg"
      • "Season 6 promotional pictures 01.jpg"
    • Unacceptable name:
      • "DXV3HS6RKFHYU7D5SH4GQ.jpg"
      • "Screenshot 12-02-2019 09H13O27M56V29.jpg"
      • "Pictures 21.jpg"
  • Do not spamming any duplicates photos that exactly look same as the other pictures.


  • Only upload a video that come from a reliable sources. Like the official youtube channel of Brooklyn Nine-Nine or NBC.
  • Do not changed the video title into something else.


To be added soon

Blocking & Warning

Whenever when your broke one of these rules, you will be issued yourself a warning. If you disregard the warning and keep doing an action that againts these rules, and admin will be happily to given you a block. The time period of block can go from a few days, month, years, and finally permanently based on the degree of your break.

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