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Detective Brett Booth is a detective at the 63rd Precinct. He was in the Police Academy around the same time as Jake Peralta and Rosa Diaz. He has a grudge against Jake because during a training exercise, Jake shot him with a rubber bullet and somehow it got underneath his goggles and hit him in the eye.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Five[]

In Show Me Going, Detective Brett Booth is picked to run a multi-agency, multi-state task force that is being set up to take down a street racing gang that has been using souped-up cars to transport drugs across state lines. Originally, the task force was supposed to be headed by a Sgt. Boomer Maxwell.

When Booth hears that Jake wants to join the task force, he tries to act superior and lord it over Jake. However, the domineering moment is interrupted by Booth bumping into a water cooler in the hall walkway. In an uproar, Booth mistaken another police officer for Jake, telling him, "You're gonna regret this, Peralta!" and storms away. Jake, and Charles too, is not let on the task force.


  • Has a lack of depth perception.