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A Boyle always says I love you

Jake Peralta in "Game of Boyles"

The Boyle family is the large, extended family consisting of the relatives of detective Charles Boyle. Members engage in numerous family rituals, traditions and behaviours, and are all close-knit, similar and united. Additionally, the family is often presented as drab, strange or odd as a result of its familial ways.




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  • Their ancestral home is in Butthumb (pronounced Beaut-Hume), Iowa.[1]
  • The Boyle family crest is a white flag.
  • It is a Boyle trait to give up.
  • The majority of Boyles share the following traits: short "ham hands", indecisiveness, and sleep apnea.
  • They also have flat butts and fleshy toe pads.
  • The unofficial motto of the Boyle family is “I love you,” which they say to all, even strangers.
  • The Boyles have a planner of nearly 500 pages that covers everything from romantic advice to what to eat for lunch. However, this is used just a stalling method until decisions are made for them.
  • There's an old family legend that only the "One True Boyle" can open the grandmother sourdough starter that's been closed for over 100 years.
    • Charles is able to open it showing that he is still a Boyle despite his paternity.
  • Gina burnt the "mother dough" and started a new one for future generations.
  • They believe that hanging upside down like a bat is a great way to make decisions.
  • According to Charles, Boyles thrive underground.
  • A preferred meal of the Boyle family is hard boiled eggs.
  • They gush sweat when they lie.
  • Whilst some Boyles are culinarily creative like Charles, some just enjoy plain bland food like Sam.
  • There is a Boyle in every state in the United States.
    • And possibly in other countries too; if Susan Boyle is supposed to be the real-life Susan Boyle, that would mean there are Boyles in at least Great Britain as well as the United States (the real-life Susan Boyle is Scottish).
  • The favourite colour of the Boyle family is beige and tan.
  • The Boyles' favourite shop is Mervyns, where they purchase all of their clothes. (Slogan: Ah!, Mervyns!)
  • Their handshake is ”up high” (normal high five) “down low“ (low high five) “Butts, butts, butts” (bump butts three times).
  • Boyle marriages are not legally recognised in Iowa, so all those who married in Iowa are only in a civil partnership.
  • The Boyles share a single tent in their trip to Iowa, this is hinted at by Charles.
  • The Boyles also have a shared crypt that they all plan to lie in when they die.
  • The Boyle boys start puberty at around 25 years old.
    • Sam Boyle suspected Charles wasn't a true Boyle when he entered puberty at 13.
    • It's is possible that this rule applies to female members as well, since a female family member nods in agreement when Sam says that Boyles go through puberty at 25.