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Hitchcock will sometimes have a random wound, cut, graze etc. for no reason and show it off. Most of the time it is completely irrelevant to the topic of the conversation and he gets no pain no matter how big the wound is.

(This page is unfinished and may not have all instances of Hitchcock bleeding)

Season 3

House Mouses

Scully and Hitchcock made a blood pact that states if Hitchcock dies, Scully should have sex with his wife to fulfill her. Hitchcock was already bleeding.

Season 5

The Big House

After Terry answers Scully's questions as to why Jake and Gina aren't there (Jake was in prison, Gina was on maternity leave), Hitchcock reveals a giant wound on the lower left side of his chest and asks Terry why it's there. Terry says he doesn't know and Hitchcock says, "So you don't have all the answers! I'm bleeding 'cause my piece-of-crap son-in-law bit me!"

Season 6


Rosa and Terry are trying to prove their theory of Dr. Ronald Yee being dishonest, Rosa says that she needs blood to prove her theory as the flies are made to react to blood. Hitchcock is mysteriously bleeding from his wrist.