A reoccurring joke on the show is Jake always trying to push the blame off of himself and onto Amy.

Season One Edit

The Tagger Edit

  • When arresting the Deputy Commissioner's son, Jake tries to convince the man that his name is Amy Santiago!

M.E. Time Edit

  • In a flashback, Jake blames Amy for breaking the two-way mirror that he was pounding on in the interrogation room.

The Vulture Edit

  • When Terry reprimands Jake for making the captain take the heat for his mistake, Jake assures Terry that if anyone is to blame, it’s Amy.

48 Hours Edit

  • When Scully apologizes for getting their hopes up about a perps alibi, Captain Holt tells him not to worry about it, it’s Jake’s fault they are in this mess in the first place. Jake disagrees and tries to push the blame onto Amy.

The Party Edit

  • Jake and Amy are discovered snooping in Holt and Kevin's bedroom by Terry. When Terry calls them out on it, Jake acts as if he is only there to chastise Amy for her actions.

Fancy Brudgom Edit

  • Janice, at the stationery store, asks Jake who will be paying for the $250 worth of paper that he and Charles picked out. Jake replies, "Her name is Amy Santiago."

Season Seven Edit

The Jimmy Jab Games II Edit

  • Amy asks Jake to join her in Terry's office, and Jake mistakenly believes she wants to have secret sex. When Amy and Terry ask Jake about it, he tries to shift the blame onto Amy, claiming she texted him about it.
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