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"Bingpot" is a term first coined by Jake in the episode "The Chopper". He started out saying "bingo" but halfway through decided "jackpot" was better, thus creating the made-up word "Bingpot".

Season Two[]

The Chopper[]

  • Jake: "Bing-- pot! Nope I was gonna say bingo, but then I was like, "jackpot's better," but then it was too late; I was halfway through the word."
Charles: "Bingpot works. It's taking off."
  • Holt: "Bingpot!"

Season Four[]

Halloween IV[]

Holt: "Bing-Pot!"

When Holt finds out Amy's secret cigarette stash.

Season Five[]


Jake: "Uh bing-pot!"

When Jake sees where Amy hid the cumberbund/belt through the security cameras.

Season Six[]

The Bimbo[]

Captain Holt: "Bingpot!"

Jake: "A footprint. You did it, you brilliant bimbo."

Season Eight[]

The Last Day Pt 2[]

Captain Holt: "Bingpot!" (After Terry gets them out of Williams' locked office)