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William "Bill" Bigboy Hummertrout (portrayed by Winston Story) is a former high-level NutriBoom distributor frequently hired by Jake Peralta for the 99's annual Halloween heist, as he looks nearly identical to Charles Boyle.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Four[]

In Halloween IV, Jake brought Bill in as a body double for Boyle for their annual Halloween Heist at the precinct. When Boyle didn't end up on the same side as Jake, he had Bill play Gina's body double instead. Nobody knew Bill at the point so it was very convenient.

Season Five[]

In HalloVeen, Bill returned for the following year's Halloween Heist. Though he was first hired by Jake, he betrays him for Boyle, who had promised to buy a lot of the vitamin supplements, NutriBoom, he was selling and to be a distributor. Bill tries to talk Jake and Amy into selling NutriBoom too, but Jake refuses, calling it a pyramid scheme. When Jake agrees to double Boyle's investment, Bill agrees to let Jake go, but not before having him sign the contract for NutriBoom. Bill later took Amy's vault and the belt in it for Jake.

In NutriBoom, Bill delivers Jake and Boyle's shipment of NutriBoom, convincing Jake and Boyle to find a way to get out of their respective contracts. He also assisted Jake and Boyle in their efforts to infiltrate NutriBoom by teaching Boyle how to impersonate him.

Season Six[]

In Cinco de Mayo, it is revealed that Bill had died in an accident, which turned out to be a lie by Boyle to try and win that year's heist.

Season Seven[]

In Valloweaster, Bill was assigned to guard the gauntlet gems for all three periods of the Heist: Halloween, Valentine, and Easter. On each one, Bill appears increasingly disheveled and miserable, as his life has apparently unraveled between each holiday.

Season Eight[]

Bill has become completely disheveled and disgusting by this point, and relies on the Halloween Heists as his only source of income. During what was supposed to be the final heist for Jake, Amy and Captain Holt, he steals the golden delivery tube containing the medal that declares the winner the King of the 99th Precinct. After locking the squad in the storage unit where everyone met up, he gave the medal to Hitchcock for $40, effectively making Hitchcock the King of the Nine-Nine.


  • Bill is involved in multiple polyamorous relationships with married couples, as he admits in Halloween IV, apparently because he has a "nice soft face" that doesn't "intimidate the husbands."
  • Captain Holt suspected that he was a prostitute in Halloween IV. Bill confirms this as his former profession, which he'd since given up, in HalloVeen.
  • Bill's line in HalloVeen implied that he often participated in BDSM (role-play and wearing masks).
  • Bill's safe word is "Cabbage".
  • Bill has the rank of NutriBoom Commodore in the NutriBoom pyramid scheme.
  • Bill had been abandoned at a playground as an infant.
  • Bill has no belly button.
  • Bill grew up in Bean Station, Tennessee.
  • Bill shaves his armpits.
  • Bill doesn't sleep in a bed.
  • Bill give neck massages from the front whilst maintaining constant eye contact.