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Bianca G. is the mistress of Freddy Maliardi, a key mafia member who escaped arrest during Jake's undercover operation. 

Throughout the Series[]

Season Two[]

In Undercover, when Jake hears that wanted mob member Freddy may be hiding out at his mistress's apartment, he heads over to investigate. Bianca, the mistress, welcomes Jake inside, but when she discovers who he is, she holds him at gunpoint. Jake alerts Charles, who is waiting in the car outside, and he soon rushes in to disarm Bianca. Jake tries to get her to talk but she is reluctant to be cooperative with the detectives. However, once Jake reveals that Freddy was also having an affair with her younger sister, Bianca admits that Freddy is escaping to Barbados.


Freddy Maliardi[]

Bianca is very loyal to Freddy despite only being his mistress and believes that he loves her (he's implied that many times). Freddy introduced Bianca to his children as his favourite assistant. She is shown to be hurt and shocked at the revelation that Freddy was also sleeping with her sister Valerie,

claiming that she knew it.