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Bernice is a character that appears in Full Boyle. She is brought on a double date with Charles and Jake by Vivian Ludley.

Throughout the Series[]

Season One[]

In Full Boyle, Vivian brings her friend, Bernice on a double date. Jake is expecting an elderly woman but instead he is taken aback by how attractive Bernice is (causing him to accidentally call himself Jack-tractive). Throughout the date, Bernice is revealed to have a lot in common with Jake and Jake keeps getting distracted by her even though he agreed to be there to stop Charles going "full Boyle". Bernice is a little confused by Jake's behaviour and leaves with Vivian to the bathroom. Jake later abruptly leaves the date with Charles and throws Bernice's coat at her before leaving.


Bernice is quite similar to Jake as they both have very similar interests. She is shown to be friendly and kind to Jake and also she is excited to learn that he has similar interests to her.


Jake Peralta[]

Jake initially sets out on the date expecting Bernice to be unattractive and elderly. However he is surprised to see that she is attractive and has a lot in common with him. The two instantly get along but Jake can't allow himself to become too involved with her as he has agreed to help Charles.


  • She loves Die Hard (so much that she sleeps in a Nakatomi Plaza t-shirt) and is a big fan of The Nets, an American basketball team, like Jake.