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Becca Boyle is a cattle ranch farmer and one of Charles' cousins.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Five[]

In 99, the squad is coming back from Captain McGintley's funeral, but the RV called 'The American Creeper' has exploded. Captain Holt suggests, that they should find a place to stay, and Charles suggests that they should stay at his cousins' farm. Charles introduced him along with cousin Tommy Boyle and cousin Steve Boyle. As the Nine-Nine need a place to crash, the cousins allow them to stay the night. Jake is surprised that Becca is a man.

Later that evening, Becca is brushing his hair, and overhearing Charles' and Rosa's conversation. He replies every time that Rosa mentions "Boyle," by which she means Charles not Becca.

When the Nine-Nine needs a change of clothes before they leave, Becca and the other cousins give them sets of the Boyles' signature tan clothes.

Season Eight[]

In Game of Boyles he is one of the cousins present at Pappy Boyle's death. In fact, Pappy Boyle actually died in his arms while being hugged.