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Babylon is a secret bathroom hidden behind a movable wall of file boxes.


There used to be a transit police squad down at the 99th and Babylon was a bathroom of a previous captain.

Rosa and Gina[]

  • Rosa first found it and she told Gina about it when she got stomach flu from a "sewer rave."


  • Charles was told about Babylon because he couldn't find a private place to talk to Vivian. It was Rosa's idea- and Gina begrudgingly agreed to tell him about it after Rosa threatened to shred her wolf blanket (which she later gave to Hitchcock and Scully so they wouldn't use Babylon again)

Scully and Hitchcock[]

  • Scully and Hitchcock noticed Charles going to and from his desk and also noticed he smelled like lavender. They forced Charles into talking and found out the location of Babylon.


  • It has "weird crystals", as said by Rosa, lavender scented candles, a zebra-skin rug, 3-ply toilet paper, has great cell service and orchids, which after roses, are the flowers most associated with love