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For the episode with the same name, see Ava.

Ava Jeffords is the third daughter of Terry and Sharon Jeffords. Her siblings are twins Cagney and Lacey Jeffords.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Three[]

In Ava, Sharon begins going into labour with Ava at the police precinct. During this time, Jake Peralta, Ava’s future godfather, tries to make sure that Sharon remains calm and make sure that the baby will be born successfully. However, the police precinct had quite a few stressful events going that stresses Sharon out, including the absence of Terry. Eventually, with Jake as Sharon’s "god-husband", he ultimately decides to bring Sharon to the hospital, despite Terry and Sharon’s plan to not give birth at the hospital. At the hospital, she was born. Terry and Sharon decides to name her Ava. Terry brings Jake into the room to be the first person outside of her family to meet. Terry asks Jake if he would like to hold her, which Jake accepts but mistakingly hugs Sharon instead.


  • Ava is the first character to be born on the show.
  • Ava was born on Thanksgiving 2015 (November 26, 2015).
  • Jake Peralta is her Godfather.
  • At birth, she weighed 14lb 6oz.
  • In The Mole, Terry had met a young woman who said her name is Ava Watson and that she went to The Learning Grove, the same pre-school where Cagney and Lacey goes. But later, "Ava" was caught as a dealer of "Giggle Pig." It's unclear Terry recalls this, when he and Sharon are naming their daughter.